Sunday, 29 August 2010

It should always be a 5th sunday!

Had a lovely day today after yesterday's traumas with the garage door.
I decided to visit some of the rural churches today for worship. This morning I went to a small church about 8 miles away which was having a joint praise service with its neighbouring church. It was a fairly small congregation but we had a lovely service and one which reinforced my sense of calling. We sang 4 songs all of which at different times God has spoken to me through. Having them together today seemed to be god saying to me ' Come on you know you want to follow me and serve me, just remember what I've called you to'.
Then I drove over to a lovely small town for lunch and wandered into the church for time to pray and just be with God for a time. I'd found out earlier in the week that the Churches Together in the valley were holding a joint service in a near by village- glad I went into this church though as I found out the service was actually in a barn outside the village. Drove on and found the barn and joined 100 others in the barn for another great service. The worship band consisted of all ages from 12 - 80. The barn was packed with people from numerous denominations across the valley and the worship and teaching was inspiring. The service together was because it was the 5th Sunday. I came out feeling that's how we should worship every week. The teaching was on the Great Commission and also Revelation and really challenged us to work together to share the good news and reminded us that in heaven we will worship together. That's why I gave this post the title 'It should always be a 5th Sunday'- we are called to put aside our differences and to worship and share the good news together.

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