Sunday, 1 August 2010

Days 5 &4

Well my countdown continues. The good news yesterday was that the Starter pack from Cuddesdon finally arrived. I now have forms to fill in to indicate my preference for my 1st year church and midweek placement. I also have to order a cassock and surplice which I'm in the middle or researching. The whole college element is beginning to feel real but leaving work still doesn't! Not sure why but it still feels like I will be working at my 2 churches from September. Perhaps that will change after Wednesday when I hand my keys over.
In the meantime yesterday I spent preparing my sermon for this morning and then the evening at the small church's Summer Entertaiment evening. I enjoyed the evening but struggled with the sermon. I'd been so busy all week I had less time than normal to actually spend on it so I felt I was short changing the church I was preaching at this morning. At the same time I was aware that I would probably be amongst a congregation of 8 or less. It meant I was less motivated to put in the extra time- and yet I knew this was wrong, they are all children of God and deserve the best I can give. it does beg the question - what is a sustainable number for a local church these days?
Then this morning I went to the church and took the service. I was pleasantly surprised- 10 people turned up. gave my best at the service and thanked them for having me and thats the last service I will take in this circuit.
Now its an afternoon of relaxing before days 3-1 of the countdown and all the sorting and tidying of my office plus hand over meetings.

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