Monday, 23 August 2010

Church experiences

Yesterday I decided to attend 2 different churches as I had already said goodbye to the churches I'd been worshipping with since being in the Bay. It was interesting going back to the style of churches I had worshipped at from my twenties until 7 years ago. Having come back to the Church of England I have enjoyed the liturgy and pattern of worship. The churches I went to yesterday were a plant from a Baptist church which meets in a school at the back of where I live and a pentecostal church. the two churches had one main thing in common- they were so welcoming to myself and other visitors. I was greeted at both churches and coffee was on offer as I entered at both churches. I was invited to sit with a member of the church and the pattern of the service explained to me. the services themselves both followed a typical pattern of long time of sung worship followed by a sermon. between songs their was extempore prayer from the congregation. That was one of the interesting parts- I recognised the prayer - almost to the words from years ago. The churches have a liturgy of their own even though it is written down. It was an interesting return to my past but I am so sure that the Church of England for all its weaknesses is where God wants me to serve. Just as well really now I'm about to go to college to train for ordained ministry.
But one thing I will take from yesterdays experiences is the welcome I received and hope to encourage any church I'm blessed to minister in to emulate that welcome.

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