Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Final day

Made it! Last day at work and |I spent it mainly cleaning the office and vestry, then delivering keys. I'm now officially on holiday and will no longer be employed by the Methodist Church at the end of the month.
As I looked around my office today it looked as if I'd never been there. I felt as if it represented my time at this job. I don't feel as if I'm leaving anything behind- though others assure me I've made a difference. But as I vaccuumed the floor I saw glitter which the cleaner wouldn't pick up. The glitter was from various crafts I'd done over the years. I prayed that in the same way as the glitter stuck to the floor something of Jesus would stick with the people I have been working with.
So now I can concentrate on clearing the house, packing and moving. But first a few days holdiay with my sons.
Life is good. God is good.


  1. Since you have a bit of time you might reflect on what you came to and what you have enbled to continue while in the church. And rather than what you have done (I don't mean to be harsh or rude, just the words without sentiment) what has God been doing while you were there... What has God done in your life - teaching, spiritual growth, relationsional development and management. If you have grown then I am sure others have from their relationship and learning with you.

    If you have not left wonderful new groups, contacts, networks, resources, 'life', well to be honest you may well find was busy in other things. It is as hard for us as it was for the Jews to accept Jesus as he is rather than look for the signs and miralces.

    Hopes this is not harsh on you but it can be so disheartening but often that is only when we are looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.
    blessings and look forward to reading your journey as you make the transition from here to there and there to out there!

  2. Thanks Rosanna. I know God called me here and that He has taught me a great deal over the 2 years. I also know that we don't always see the work done but have to trsut that God has been at work and as Paul says it is He that gives the growth.