Monday, 20 December 2010

Essays :(

One aspect of college life I'm not enjoying is writing essays. I have just about finished the first one of 6000 words and have made a tentative start on the second- part of a portfolio which is slightly more complicated. I went down with a bug as I reached the end of the first one and so have had a break since last Wednesday. Since then the snow has come and so though now fully recovered I'd far rather be out tramping in the snow. That said I am determined to get on with them and have them both finished by the 11th January. As there is Christmas and a trip north to fit in I should of course be working now!
Also been enjoying college community life in the holidays. On Saturday evening one of my fellow students invited us round for mulled wine and nibbles and we had a lovely time. We've also watched the families toboggan down the field in front of our flat- much warmer watching from the window.
Yesterday we spent at my placement church- morning service which was attended by less than a third of the normal congregation then we went into Wallingford for a coffee and wander before returning for the Carol service. the church was pretty full which I was pleased about though it did make me wonder if most people stayed away in the morning not because of snow but because they only wanted to go to church once on a Sunday!!!! Carol service was very traditional and lovely for it, but still gave me food for thought as to how I would change things to make it more user friendly and move more smoothly. One of the draw backs of training is that I seem to constantly be thinking now how would I do that rather than fully engaging in worship. I hope I soon get beyond that!!

Monday, 13 December 2010


Well college finished for the Christmas break on Friday. Its ages since I posted- life just seems to get busier and busier.
Since I last post we have had creative worship twice. The first of those gave me much food for thought ( or theological reflection if I'm in student mode) At breakfast we were told that the worship would begin then so to look under the tables where 10 envelopes were stuck. I happened to find one and had to wear a purple writ band for the rest of the day. Wearing this the purple band brought a number of privileges such as chocolates in lectures, a top table to sit at for dinner, special places to sit near the common room fire and cake a tea time. We all knew that this was leading to a downfall! At evening prayer we were led to church and asked to sit in the porch . As the rest of college came they were invited into the warm church ( it was below freezing outside) given a chocolate and the service started. After the first hymn the rest of us were invited inside but told to sit at the back. My reflections on the whole experience centred on how hard I found the special attention and how much easier being the ignored was. It was so much harder to receive and so much easier when I could go back to giving!
Other events at college have included a trip to Sound of Music which was wonderful ( and we gave a rendition of Do-reh me at the breakfast table next day). We also had an end of term Bright Hour ( review) which was hilarious and made me so glad to be part of this community. I looked across the audience on Thursday evening and realised I knew everyone there after just 11 weeks. College life, study and worship remain a joy.
Then this weekend we have been back to Derbyshire where we met with other ordinands from the diocese and prospective ordinands for a day with the Bishops. During the day I was asked about my thoughts on curacy! Yikes I've only just started here but already we are discussing June 2012.
Derbyshire was also wonderful fun as we were able to meet up with a number of friends and family - good fun, laughter and sharing of stories.
Now I'm back at college and should be writing an essay so bye bye.