Monday, 22 November 2010

Silence again

Today our group was responsible for organising the Creative Eucharist. We decided on a silent Eucharist which was something new to me but I loved being involved in the planning and then stewarding. The service consisted mainly of actions and movement to reflect the confession absolution, Gospel and intercessions. We then had the Eucharistic prayer before passing the bread and wine as we stood in circles round the altar. The whole service was very moving and we've had a lot of comments about the service.
I found myself remembering back to a home group planning for Ash Wednesday about 5 years ago when I listened amazed as various people came up with creative ideas on how to do intercessions etc. At the time I never thought I'd be able to be creative with worship but over the last 5 years God has taught me through many people I've come into contact with and so here I was helping to plan such an event. God is so good and gently teaches and guides us in ways He wants. His Holy Spirit inspires and creates through us.
Now its time to go and write short intercessions for tomorrows Eucharist.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Last night was the first of the college Guest Nights. One of the college groups and guests are invited to a black tie dinner and the rest of the college serve them. The college dining room is transformed into a splendid dining room with candle light, white linen, and flowers. The catering staff out do themselves with the quality of food, last nights was duck pate, vension steaks and chocolate torte, each guest brings their own wine but the meal ends with cheese biscuits and port.
I was on the table service duty and I loved it. there was soemthing special about serving other students and their guests and such a camaderie amongts all of us serving.
We got to eat after the meal was over and had the same gorgeous food at 11pm! The vie prinicple and his wife came from the main party to chat to us and the atmosphere was so much fun.
I'm not sure that this is what Jesus was talking about when He called us to serve one another but I certainly found it not just fun but inspiring.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Light and dark

One of the joys of living out in a village is the lack of street lights. However this makes walking to church each evening interesting! So a torch now resides in my pocket and I use it to light my way. This has brought home to me the verses from Psalm 119 as it no good me just pointing the torch ahead of me- instead I need to point it down to just beyond my feet so I can see where I am walking. In the same way the word of god guides where we are to walk.
On a similar theme this evenings service was creative worship was a blessing of the lights. It was a lovely service, starting in a darkened church which was gradually lit from candle to candle down the through the church. The service ended with us walking out singing the Taize chant Bless the Lord O my soul and a gathering together at the church gate for the final prayers. The whole experience was inspiring and uplifting. That was followed by dinner and a lecture from the Arch bishop of Hong Kong, another great opportunity. Can you tell I'm loving this life!?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Feeling connected

At last after 8 weeks without we have had a landline connected to the flat and now also have broadband. It's amazing how disconnected I felt without it and having to rely on a mobile in an area with poor reception and trips to the college library to check my emails etc. Now i have instant access again and must be disciplined in my use of the Internet- particularly blogging and reading blogs etc. Essays are now demanding my attention and I'm relieved to find I'm not the only one struggling to get to grips with them.
Off now to have another look at the titles!!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Today has been one of those days when I wonder why God chose me! I sat in various seminars and lectures and heard others comments and questions and felt so inadequate. To add to that we were given some more information about the MA and the first essay/portfolio which we are to do on Theological Reflection. I'm doing the MA because I already have a degree in Religious and Moral Studies and have also completed and Certificate in Theology and Vocation 3 years ago. So I thought the MA was the obvious next thing. Now I'm really struggling to get to grips with what is expected. I felt so inadequate today.
But God is so good.
I went along to evening prayer which was the first creative evening prayer of the term and we had a time of silence with various prayer stations to go to. One I went to had a number of mirrors and Psalm 139. As I prayed the psalm in front of a mirror I became aware of God reassuring me that He knew me, knew my failings and still He called me to follow him and serve Him. I returned to my place and prayed over and over- Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me. As I did I saw a waterfall and felt God telling me that the Spirit of God was there I just needed to move and position myself- not behind it looking through the spirit to the world beyond, not in the world being splashed occasionally but fully under the water of the Spririt and receive a full annointing and blessing of all He has for me.
As I said god is so good.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Back from a lovely few days visiting family and placement church. College began again on Monday and it's reading week until tomorrow- except that we still have Oxford lectures and community placement and then yesterday was Quiet day. Its strange doing a Quiet day in college- though everyone else was involved K was at home in the flat and it didn't feel right not talking to him for 24 hours so I ended my Quiet at 7pm. The day itself was very helpful. The speaker- a Christian Iranian spoke very movingly and gave much food for reflection. I then took myself off in the morning away from college to be alone with God. In the afternoon I used the time to write up my journal and to reflect on the first 5 weeks of term.
I am loving college and settled into community life very quickly. I'm aware K doesn't find it as easy but keep praying that he will find his own niche here.
Continuing on the theme of silence my group have to plan a creative eucharist for later in the month so we are busy planning a silent one. Its coming together well and I'm enjoying the opportunity to be involved in a creative way in worship. Now its time to go and actually use the time for which it is intended- reading!