Monday, 22 November 2010

Silence again

Today our group was responsible for organising the Creative Eucharist. We decided on a silent Eucharist which was something new to me but I loved being involved in the planning and then stewarding. The service consisted mainly of actions and movement to reflect the confession absolution, Gospel and intercessions. We then had the Eucharistic prayer before passing the bread and wine as we stood in circles round the altar. The whole service was very moving and we've had a lot of comments about the service.
I found myself remembering back to a home group planning for Ash Wednesday about 5 years ago when I listened amazed as various people came up with creative ideas on how to do intercessions etc. At the time I never thought I'd be able to be creative with worship but over the last 5 years God has taught me through many people I've come into contact with and so here I was helping to plan such an event. God is so good and gently teaches and guides us in ways He wants. His Holy Spirit inspires and creates through us.
Now its time to go and write short intercessions for tomorrows Eucharist.

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