Thursday, 4 November 2010


Back from a lovely few days visiting family and placement church. College began again on Monday and it's reading week until tomorrow- except that we still have Oxford lectures and community placement and then yesterday was Quiet day. Its strange doing a Quiet day in college- though everyone else was involved K was at home in the flat and it didn't feel right not talking to him for 24 hours so I ended my Quiet at 7pm. The day itself was very helpful. The speaker- a Christian Iranian spoke very movingly and gave much food for reflection. I then took myself off in the morning away from college to be alone with God. In the afternoon I used the time to write up my journal and to reflect on the first 5 weeks of term.
I am loving college and settled into community life very quickly. I'm aware K doesn't find it as easy but keep praying that he will find his own niche here.
Continuing on the theme of silence my group have to plan a creative eucharist for later in the month so we are busy planning a silent one. Its coming together well and I'm enjoying the opportunity to be involved in a creative way in worship. Now its time to go and actually use the time for which it is intended- reading!

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