Monday, 15 November 2010

Light and dark

One of the joys of living out in a village is the lack of street lights. However this makes walking to church each evening interesting! So a torch now resides in my pocket and I use it to light my way. This has brought home to me the verses from Psalm 119 as it no good me just pointing the torch ahead of me- instead I need to point it down to just beyond my feet so I can see where I am walking. In the same way the word of god guides where we are to walk.
On a similar theme this evenings service was creative worship was a blessing of the lights. It was a lovely service, starting in a darkened church which was gradually lit from candle to candle down the through the church. The service ended with us walking out singing the Taize chant Bless the Lord O my soul and a gathering together at the church gate for the final prayers. The whole experience was inspiring and uplifting. That was followed by dinner and a lecture from the Arch bishop of Hong Kong, another great opportunity. Can you tell I'm loving this life!?

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