Saturday, 20 November 2010


Last night was the first of the college Guest Nights. One of the college groups and guests are invited to a black tie dinner and the rest of the college serve them. The college dining room is transformed into a splendid dining room with candle light, white linen, and flowers. The catering staff out do themselves with the quality of food, last nights was duck pate, vension steaks and chocolate torte, each guest brings their own wine but the meal ends with cheese biscuits and port.
I was on the table service duty and I loved it. there was soemthing special about serving other students and their guests and such a camaderie amongts all of us serving.
We got to eat after the meal was over and had the same gorgeous food at 11pm! The vie prinicple and his wife came from the main party to chat to us and the atmosphere was so much fun.
I'm not sure that this is what Jesus was talking about when He called us to serve one another but I certainly found it not just fun but inspiring.

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