Monday, 26 December 2011

Waiting over

Christmas Day has come- we've had the children's crib service- which went amazingly smoothly to say we had 15 children sat round the crib and readers aged from 3yrs upwards. Theo we had a candlelit midnight mass. I think this has to be my favourite service of the whole year as we welcome the birth of our new King. Then after far too short a time in bed we had this morning's family communion. I'm well aware that compared to my ordained friends I got off lightly, I served but had no leading role so was able to relax and enjoy the worship. Now I'm able to have a few days rest- and a visit to my mum with my sons.
The waiting is also over with regard to my curacy. I have been invited to serve my title post as assistant curate to the Wirksworth Team Ministry. This is a part of Derbyshire I know very well having lived there 30 years ago and I'm really looking forward to returning. I'll be quite near to my eldest son, who has just told me that come August I'll be a grand mother! I have 4 step grand daughters but this has felt very different. So soon it will be 2012 and we start the waiting for the end of college and ordination.