Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris and beyond

Back in 2013 my husband and I visited Paris and like many before us fell in love with the wonderful city- with it's beauty, it's vibrancy and it's diversity. Like many others today we are devastated and mourning the  loss of life last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with those we met at the American Cathedral when we visited, and all who are in shock in the city- and country.
Tomorrow I must preach on what is probably the most apt Gospel reading for such a time- Mark 13:1-8 as set in the lectionary for the day. Wars and rumours of wars! We have those alright and so much more. As I read , pray and search for inspiration I have come across the following- which help to inform my thoughts and prayers.

I am also aware that Paris is not the only city to have suffered in the past week- Beirut and Baghdad have as well but neither get the same response in our news.
Let us continue to pray for our whole world , for those who suffer and for  the birth pangs of the new world order to give way to a peaceful world.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

change is coming

Back in March 2014 I wrote
"While with here, I both spoke and listened to her wisdom and I reviewed the past few months and looked ahead to the next year and all it will bring in change and journeying."
Well it is 18 months but the change and journeying are happening- a new destination as I am pleased to be able to announce that I have been appointed to the post of Priest in Charge of Walton on Trent with Rosliston and Croxall, Coton in the Elms and Immanuel Stapenhill in the Diocese of derby. This was announced in this team and it the above parishes this morning. This is a huge move forward for me on from Curacy. And the end of one journey from the day back in October 2003 when I spoke to my Vicar and first hesitantly expressed the belief that I felt God was calling me to ordained ministry. Now my Curacy ending I am moving into a new life as a fully fledged Vicar with a whole new set of lessons to learn, people to love and serve and new ways of listening and serving God.
Blogging will not be about the people or situations but may well record some of my reflections on my relationship with God as things move on. The future is looking daunting and bright at the same time- but I shall put my hand into the hand of god and move forward- and will have deep in my heart the words of the hymn- Lord for the Years you love has kept and guided for it is still so true for me today.