Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Made it

Well at least to the end of the first half term. Tomorrow sees the start of half term- starting at 4pm and ending at 4pm on Monday so just Friday and Monday off lectures.
I had a meeting with my Personal Tutor yesterday who is lovely and very encouraging. She told how me how well she thought I'd settled in to college life- which I do think I have managed but I can't say I've found it hard. Perhaps because I had left my 'home church' behind 2 years ago and the churches I worshipped at in Devon never had that feel, and perhaps because this is all I've wanted for so long I've found myself rejoicing in every aspect of college life. That's not to say my husband has found adapting easy and that does make it harder for me.There is the constant guilt that I've done this to him. However we married knowing this was where we were heading and he has been incredibly supportive throughout. I can only pray that during these 2 years he will find his own place and further his own sense of vocation to all God has for him.
Off on Friday to visit my son on the south coast and then up to the Midlands on Saturday to visit K's family. It will be good to see family again and feel part of the normal world.

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