Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New experiences

Life at college is of course full of new experiences but this week has been especially so. In college we are placed in one of five groups and each group takes it in turn to take responsibility for one aspect of community life. This week my group has been on Worship and so we have divided the responsibilities for the services between us. I have led Morning prayer, read at Evening prayer, carried the offertory at the Monday Eucharist and am down to lead compline tomorrow evening. Then today Assistant 2 at the Eucharist had to step down due to illness and so I offered to replace her. I found it a wonderful, moving, exhilarating thought provoking, privilege and I'm so grateful to God for the opportunity. It is a wonderful opportunity to begin to learn the tasks involved for the deacon at the Eucharist and so prepare for future ministry. It is one more activity that has sealed how right all this feels. I just love every opportunity to serve God in helping his people to worship Him.
Tomorrow is my hospital placement which I started last week. Again its a great time to learn what ministry is really about. This Sunday I shall visit my Sunday placement church for the first time and meet the Vicar- one more step along the road I go!
God is so faithful and good.

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