Sunday, 17 October 2010


Having lived in Scotland, Derbyshire and Devon you would think I would be used to the wonders of God's creation and spectacular scenery. Moving here to Cuddesdon I've been overwhelmed again by the beauty of what God has created. Those who have read my early blogs may remember the heartache of deciding about the flat offered by the college. Well one of the joys having accepted it is that we have the most spectacular views, enhanced most evenings by glorious sunsets. We live on the 4th floor and so look down on many birds, and have red kites soaring past the window. We see cows in the fields and frost on the grass. Then today we went for a walk along the lanes to the next village a return journey of about 4 miles. We were blessed again with sight of the kite, and pheasant, rooks, a heron and in one clump of trees many chaffinch, blue tits and other small birds. I find my self constantly returning to a favourite hymn- How great though art and singing it with tears in my eyes as I think on how wonderful our God is and how magnificent is His creation.
I'm also loving living as part of a larger community of god's people but this week realised one of the downsides- once a cold enters the doors it spreads like wild fire. I went down with it on Thursday- struggled through the day in order to attend my first placement lecture and then succumbed on Friday and took to my bed for the day. By today the worst is over and I hope to be fully fit by 7.30am when I have the privilege of leading Morning Prayer.
More about placements some time soon.

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