Tuesday, 17 August 2010

one room down-5 to go!

Somehow yesterday's shopping trip has given me the impetus needed to make a start on the sorting and packing. I've worked my way through the small bedroom today tidying and sorting and preparing everything in it to pack tomorrow. Then we had our friends over for evening meal with their 2 delightful children. It was lovely catching up and learning about the realities of both college life and the first few weeks of curacy.
Been thinking today as I've sorted things. Why was I so excited about buying my cassock and surplice yesterday. Its not the clothes that makes a person a priest, but somehow having them hanging in my room makes me feel as if I've taken a large step forward. I suppose they are a symbol of what God is calling me to and its been such a long wait. At the same time I become more and more aware of the tremendous privilege of God's calling and my need for God to go with me as I can't do this on my own. My favourite line from the song 'I the Lord of sea and Sky' is ' If you lead me I will hold your people in my heart'- its the If you lead me- I know I can;t do any of this without God's leading.
Learnt a new thing today as well- found the spell check on this and so hopefully there will be less mistakes in my posts from now on!!


  1. The packing has commenced in the Lanky household, but it's very slow progress! Having read your post, I am inspired to pack at least 2 more boxes tonight.

  2. LOL Lanky- how did you do??
    I'm on to box 9 of mine and K has packed at least another 7. At this rate we will have a wekk of twiddling our thumbs, but we are having a weekend away in the middle of all this.

  3. I've managed to pack all our pictures, which makes the house look suddenly bare! Now I need to fill some holes and do some painting.