Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day 2

Interesting day today as I move ever closer to finishing work. Spent the morning handing over a chunk of my work to a Sure Start representative. I don;t know yet what I relaly think about this, The church sees it as an ideal solution to not replacing me, that Sure Start will run one of the Toddler groups while a mum in the church will run the other. Sure Start are keen to work in partnership with the church and if the church truly embrace this it could work. However my experience of this church is that it is happy to sit back and let others do the work and if they get people into the building then their job is done.
Then this evening I had my last Management Committee meeting and we went out for dinner. A very pleasant evening and they blessed me with a book token which is very welcome.
Just one more day to go and except for cleaning the office and giving in of keys there is nothing else to do, Off on holiday next week for a few days :)

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