Friday, 13 August 2010

Moving on

I'm back from a lovely few days with my youngest son on the Isle of Wight, and a meal with my middle son before returning.
Now it's time to prepare for the move.
This morning the first quarters grant, learning grant and removal payment came through from the Diocese. This is really happening! I've sent off all my forms for Cuddesdon, acceptance forms and cheques to the removal company and notice of termination of tenancy in the house we are renting. We've also had all the boxes delivered by the removal company so now it's time for sorting and packing- half our possesions to be stored and half to the 4th floor flat.
I worked out the other day that since I went to college the first time- not counting the number of different rooms I had in collge halls, I've moved 16 times and now I'm moving witht the prospect of moving again in 2 years. You'd think that with so many moves I'd have thinned out my possesions but I seem to have aquired more than ever. Soemtimes I understand so well why Jesus said to sell all your possesions to follow Him.
I've also heard today from my DDO who is organising a service and supper for those of going to college this September. Just got to decide if I can justify a weekend back in Derbyshire before the move- time and cost. Having said that it would be lovely to meet the others from the diocese who are going through the same thing as me.
Decsisions, decsisions!!

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