Friday, 27 August 2010

Time flies by!!

Had a bit of a jolt yesterday when I commented that in 4 weeks we would be settling into our first night in college flat and hubby said "don;t be daft it's three weeks!" Where did the last 4 weeks go? We took a day off from packing yesterday and after collecting 15 more boxes from.our removal firm wandered on to Topsham to spend a few hours. It was lovely to forget about the packing and spend quality time together as this last couple of weeks have been spent mainly in different rooms. My hubby and I get in each others way ( or I get in his) if we try to work together at the packing so we take a room each. Good news is that I've now packed the last book- that's 9 boxes of books for me and hubby has packed a similar number.
Feeling quite down at first today, I think it was probably waking up and wondering how I was going to get all phone calls made sorting out keys, insurance, cancelling utilities etc before we arrange to end our phone contract. Decided in the end to let it run longer which relieved the pressure but I think the enormity of the next few weeks is catching up with me. I've waited and looked forward to this for 6 long years but now it's almost here I'm feeling inadequate and weak. Best place to be I expect because only then will I acknowledge that I can only be what God wants me to be with His help.
Oh well off to more arranging of details and packing.

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  1. Well done in getting on with the packing. We seem to have hit a wall in our house. I'm hoping that we can make some progress this weekend, especially as it's a 3 day weekend. I've decided that all the stuff with arranging utilites final accounts can't be done until the day we go, so I've put off thinking about it for now.