Sunday, 8 August 2010


Off tomorrow early for a few days holiday with my youngest son. C is 16 and is awaiting his GCSE results. He lives with his father 120 miles from me and as I've had to work most weekends since he went to live there tend to spend time together only in holidays. I asked him last time we met if it had bothered him that for the last 3 years he'd only seen me occasionally but he assured me he'd been so used to only seeing one of his parents at any time since he was 7 ( that's when his dad left me and C stayed with me and his older brothers)it didn't worry or upset him. I'm glad he isn't upset by it but do wish it had never been necessary.
I love my boys dearly but regret that as they have grown up I haven't been able to be a Mum to them fulltime as I nould like. But it doesn't stop me being their Mum and I'm often reminded how God remails our Father how often or how litlle time we actually spend with Him.
Anyway thsi week is just for C and I and we will make the most of it. Then on Thursday evening I'll meet up with A my middle boy anmd go and stay at his uni digs with him. At least he's happy to have me there with him.
Back in a week.

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