Monday, 16 August 2010

Next step

Today K and I travelled to Exeter to visit Wippells where I was able to try on cassock and surplice. As I am short and dumpy it was good to actually try the clthes on before buying. I had looked at other suppliers on line but was wary of having to take my own measurements.Having tried the items on and being pleased with both the look and feel we agreed I would buy them. So now hung in my spare bedroom are my new cassock and surplice. I feel as if I am moving slowly nearer to college and to formation towards ordination.
Tomorrow we have friends coming for a meal, they have just moved back to Derbyshire where P has started his curacy. It will be good to share experiences and learn from all he can advise me on about theological training.
Funny thing happened tonight- as I looked out of the window a couple from the church I used to work at, were driving slowly past. I waved and they stopped and got out of the car. It turned out they had heard that the bungalow we live in was being let- but didn't realise it was where we lived. They came in looked round and its very likely they will be renting it when we leave. The amusing thing is the same thing happened when we left our last rental property when I came down to Devon for this job. :)


  1. Well done! I'm planning on using J&M for my cassock-alb purchase. It is difficult to tell how these things look without getting your hands on a real one though.

  2. That was my thinking. I shall wait to get my cassock-alb later in the year.