Friday, 6 August 2010

Lazy Days

Done very little over the last 2 days apart from a 3 hour sail yesterday and a numkber of phone calls today to confirm details of our move in September. Otherwise it's been reading and knitting. As I felt very tired today it's probably just what I needed after the flurry of activity over the last 2 weeks.
Last nights sail was lovely. I last sailed 6 years ago and so was thrilled to be able to join K on Vigilance, a Heritage Trawler he volunteers with.It was great to see hom in his element working alongside the other men at something he loves. We had a very gentle wind taking us out around the bay. At one point we found ourselves amongst a pod of Dolphins who leapt and dived for our amusement. They were wonderful to see.
Now back to sorting out paperwork and packing for holiday.

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