Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New experience

Went to have my hair cut today. As we are going away at the weekend I had suddenly decided I needed to get it cut and so just went round town until I found a hairdresser with a space to fit me in. I explained I was moving soon and so wanted it cut fairly short so that if I was busy it would be a while before it needed cutting again. that led to questions about where and why I was moving. I explained about going to study and said it was to be a vicar. This led to the lady who was cutting my hair sharing about the death of her baby daughter some years ago and her own anger with God. It was a taste I think of what is to come. I've had conversations about God before but usually only after I've got to know hairdressers etc.
On the home front we are getting to the end of all but the pots etc that we will be using over the next two weeks along with clothes. It feels strange, I keep looking for more things to pack. Glad we are going back up to Derbyshire this week to meet with the DDO and to visit friends and sister before starting college. It will be a welcome break from the mess at home and I always love going to the church back in Chesterfield.
Two weeks today we will have arrived at Cuddesdon!!

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  1. It's amazing what people wshare with you when you tell them you're going to train for the Priesthood. I've had a number of similar experiences since I told my work colleagues about my plans. People seem to open up in a way they don't do in normal conversation. Scary stuff!