Thursday, 9 September 2010

A week to go

This time next week we will have arrived and be settling into our flat at Cuddesdon. After waiting so long, and starting packing 4 weeks ago it still doesn't feel real. I'm surrounded by boxes, have an almost empty freezer and food cupboard but most of me still feels as if I'll be sat here 6 months down the line. I've never experienced such a detachment for a move before. Seems even stranger when I think about how long this has been my dream- but perhaps that's the problem it has been a dream for so long that it still feels like a dream.
I'm also beginning to wonder how I'll cope with morning prayer 5 days a week at 7.30am. I remember when at Teacher training college a few of us from the CU set out to meet every morning at 7am for prayer- we kept it up for 2 years although not every one of us made every morning. Then again 30 years later I'm supposed not to need as much sleep so hopefully I'll make it every morning!


  1. Hope the last few days before you move are good ones for you!

    Looking forward to meeting you when you arrive :)

  2. Rereading this some months later I have to say that morning prayer at 7.30am has not been the problem I thought it might be. While I enjoy my bed when its not a 7.30am, start getting up at 6.30am for morning prayer has been a blessing and I miss it on those days when we have group worship instead.