Friday, 24 September 2010

Getting started

Have now started the induction at the vicar factory. I have met the other 1st years and found 2 others who were at the same BAP as me. Also met up with another two bloggers who I've been reading for a few months. One in particular was like meeting a long lost friend. Looking forward to getting to know R more over the next few weeks. I've also received the details of the MA I'm supposed to start studying in the next week- and went Yikes as I read it. Am I really capable of all that is being asked? Do I really want to be able to put MA after my name!!! I hope that that part of the course will feel less frightening when we get started.
I'm enjoying the daily offices and Eucharist- its good to have the day so underpinned with prayer and to know that this will become a well established habit to support and strengthen ministry in the years to come. So with that in mind I'm off now to say Compline.

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