Monday, 13 September 2010

Over half way there!

This will be my last post for sometime as we are awaiting the termination of our broadband agreement and won't have anything organised at the other end for a while.
Today saw more than half our earthly possesions packed into threee containers and removed to storage. Its amazing how little we can manage with over the next two years!. We had provisionally listed what we wanted to store but with space left in a container we kept looking for more and more to send rather than carry up 4 flights of stairs and fall over in a tiny flat. I have gone through periods in my life of wishing that I could get rid of everything and just live in a caravan- well I'm nearly getting my wish for the next couple of years. (To those wondering why I didn't do just that in the past it had to do with other people I lived with not having the same wish).
Now just a flurry of cleaning to do and also the final packing of clothes and kitchen goods and we will be on our way north.

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