Monday, 6 September 2010

Back again!

Having had a lovely weekend away we travelled back down the M5 for what we hope is the last time before we move north again. I had forgotten just how beautiful Derbyshire was but having been back for the weekend have fallen in love all over again. I am hoping to return to Derbyshire to do my curacy. One of the reasons for being north this weekend was to meet with the DDO and other new ordinands for a service of blessing and supper. It gave us opportunity to meet those who will be studying at the same time as us and those who will also be curates in the diocese with us. It was an interesting evening with a short but inspirational service and lovely food at the vicarage. Everyone else seems to be studying at St Johns Notts either on full or pat time courses so once again I'll be out on my own.
Other than the evening with the DDO we also met up with a number of friends, worshipped with our church in Derbyshire and then had a lovely dinner at my sister with a very good friend of her's who trained at Cuddesdon. We are hoping to have a girly weekend later in the year at Cuddesdon with myself, sister and friend. K is planning to be away that weekend!!
Back today to try to finish the packing but there's so little I can do until next week but at least the weekend has given me a welcome time of refreshment.

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