Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Time flies by!! again

We are now getting into the swing of things at college, with daily offices and Eucharist and the induction programme. Tomorrow we learn more about our placements which I'm really looking forward to. One of my priorities when choosing a college was to find one which had a variety of placement opportunities and Cuddesdon certainly fulfills that need. I'll post more about that when I know more.
This first week has had its ups and downs- I'm sure its the same for most of us in one way or another. There is the joy if being here after such a long journey, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Then there is the opportunity to meet so many lovely people and to hear their stories. There is also the long hours and the adjustment to being in a new community in a new location and just getting used to finding your way around. Somewhere in the move I seem to have mislaid my memory - if anyone comes across it can you return it please! I find myself forgetting to complete tasks or forgetting sessions I should be at. I'm sure it will get better but at the moment its causing a few headaches. I've also signed up to join the college choir. I last sang in a church choir 30 years ago and may find its way beyond my capabilities now but I used to love it so much and hope it will help me if and when I need to sing parts of the daily office so will at least give it a try. I have also started to get to grips with what is expected of the MA students and as there are 4 of us this year we are going to get together regularly as a study and support group which should be immensely helpful. God is so good.
One of my prayers when I came here was that there would be other male spouses not at work full time and that has proved to be the case so there are others who k can relate to.
All in all I'm sure this will be a fruitful time of both pruning and growth out of which I will emerge ready for God's next step for me.

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