Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Well we have arrived at Cuddesdon and have now nearly finished unpacking the boxes and finding homes for everything. Fudge our cat is not a happy pussy. Being 4 flights up and with an echo on the stairwell plus a nasty thing which buzzes every time a fly goes near she doesn't want to explore outside even in my company. I'm now rather scratched and have decided to give her a day off going to explore.
Our removal went extremely smoothly- hats off to Bishop's Removals we couldn't have asked for better help. However Wednesday night was a disaster. I didn't know that Travel lodge could happily over book and then decide to move you to another Motel. Arriving at 10.15pm having packed up the house and driven 200 miles we were not amused to find that they hadn't a bed for us. What infuriated us more was that they had taken the money from our account a month before. At first they wanted to send us 15 miles ( 30 minute) drive away but eventually found us a bed in another travel Lodge 7 miles away. We finally arrived at 11.15pm. Needless to say we won't be using Travel lodge again.
Next day saw us driving off up the motorway to lancashire to see my Mum and for K to attend a committee meeting. This time we stayed at Premier Inn and the differance was amazing.
Now its just one day before the start of term. I've been getting myself into the swing of things by attending morning Prayer - though at 9am not as it will be from Friday 7.30am. Its been a means of starting to meet others on the course.

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