Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Music- food for the soul

Yesterday we had a marvelous Eucharist- A Jazz service. The music was wonderful and the joy and thrill at the end when we sang How great thou art was extraordinary. We ended with spontaneous applause for God and the band - something unusual in Cuddesdon. I have always loved the worship but I felt lifted to a new place yesterday.
I had also really enjoyed a couple of the lectures yesterday where we engaged with Biblical text. Surprisingly being at Theological College has not meant more Bible study- as I have a degree I'm doing an MA in Mission and Ministry so have less than many others on the Bible. But yesterday morning was our Oxford lecture on Mission and Ministry and it was taught by our Principal and was one of the best lectures I've had since being here- and we have had some good ones! He spoke about us being the salt for the earth and gave a whole new understanidng of the phrase. Then in the afternoon we had Biblical perspective and looked at the whole question of the god of the OT versus the God of the NT. Again we engaged with the text and I really enjoyed thinking about it in a new way.
Today I deaconed at the morning Eucharist and as I read the Gospel new thoughts hit me- God is really speaking.
I have had the privelege of being invited to be Church Sacristan in the village for the cvollege for the next 12 months. This involves serving both college and church community by looking after the church and helping to train others to set up for services and to take their part in the Eucharist. This will be my Sunday and mid week placement for the next year.

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  1. That sounds great. Love the idea of the Jazz Eucharist! God is doing something wonderful, isn't he, Janet? :-)