Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More of the same

My journey toward training was one of false starts, long waits and cancellations.Patience had to become one of my virtues!!! Now its started again. A few weeks ago I made arrangements to visit my summer placement supervisor in Derbyshire, tomorrow. As I was going up there I made plans to also see a friend who is in his first curacy and to spend time with my sister. Now I've had an email to say there is sickness at the vicarage so the meeting is cancelled. I appreciate that this can't be helped and I'm grateful that the vicar has let me know so I don't risk catching it but now I have to arrange a second visit north. The whole thing just feels very familiar and I trust that I have learnt patience :)
Despite all that I am looking forward to seeing my friends and my sister and in particular the spa treat I have organised as her Christmas treat.

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