Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Reflection is a large part of our life at college and not one I find easy to do on a daily basis so for my lent discipline I am going to reflect on my blog daily. (Well that's my intention anyway!)
I've been reflecting today on the connections we make in the Christian church- and how small the Church of England is!!! Yesterday chatting to the student who acts as driver for us all when we go into Oxford I discovered that he had been a Church Army youth worker at my sisters church- and she had helped him with the Toddler group. Then today I discovered that one of our lecturers is a good friend of a very old friend of mine, someone who was very instrumental in my being born again and also encouraged me a great deal when I felt the call to ordained ministry. S and his wife are both ordained and though I don't see them very often I do count them as very good friends.
I suppose what I have taken from these two events is the interconnectedness of the Christian life. As John Donne put it no man is an island and we all have influence on one another. The influence then spreads out like ripples on a pond. Or as Paul said we are all the body of Christ and no part can say to another we don;t need you.
It is also a joy when I realise people in my new life have connections with people in my old life.
Off to do some work now- another lent discipline!!!!

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