Friday, 11 March 2011

Normal service resumed

Today has been a normal day and I've had possession of the computer for most of it- working on an essay. I had vainly imagined I could write 2 portfolios of 7000 words each before we finished for Easter. In the event I have managed 1500 on one and 850 on the second, plus some reading so my Easter break will be spent writing essays again. At least I've made a start which is more than I had when we began our Christmas break. Other than that the only major thing today was the worship committee meeting. As church sacristan I am now part of the committee. It was a good experience for parish ministry giving me insight to how worked up people can get about worship issues. Particularly issues that seem so minor to me. I was very impressed by the way in which the tutor chaired the meeting.
Time now to go and relax and think about where to spend tomorrow- Saturday is always a day away from college for K and myself. A time of normality :)

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