Sunday, 13 March 2011

being rather than doing

Today I had my last visit to my placement church. It has been a lovely 6 months and I've really enjoyed myself at the church. However I was only there to be, to observe and become part of the congregation. I wasn't expected to do anything- and in fact apart from leading intercessions on a couple of occasions and helping with All Age worship last week I have just sat and been part of the congregation. So I was amazed today when I had more than one person come and thank me for being there and saying how much they would miss me. I was also told I'd helped a few people which surprised me though I realised that what they were grateful for was that I had spent time listening to them. This got me reflecting on my role as a priest- there is often a debate about whether what makes one a priest is what you do- ie the sacraments, or is it something you are- an ontological change which God brings about. My experience at my placement church would suggest that there is a large element of being.
Since getting home we have taken advantage of the beautiful spring weather and had a long walk out through the fields and woodlands round here. I never tire of being here. Oh and the daffodils are out which raises my spirits even more. I don;t think theres a better symbol of God's goodness

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