Sunday, 20 March 2011

different but the same!

Yesterday I didn't post as I was away all day visiting my wonderful boys.
Today as I am between placement churches I decided to visit somewhere different. With that in mind I went into Oxford and worshipped at a large Evangelical church there. It was different from the middle of the road style church I have just been worshipping with and will be worshipping with for the next year. However having spent 20+ years worshipping with a charismatic/evangelical free church I found it all too familiar. Long time of worship followed by a sermon. I was actually surprised the sermon wasn't longer- the lady sitting next to me suggested a length of an hour but as it happens it was only 25 minutes.
Being back in that environment I was surprised by own reaction. For years this was what fed me but today I left dissatisfied. the worship seemed repetitive and quite boring. The sermon was on the sower and I didn't hear anything new- which is perhaps not so surprising when I think about it as it seemed mainly aimed at those who were seeking God and those beginning to walk with Christ. My own spirituality had changed as I've aged. This isn't a criticism of the church I was at this morning, rather a comment on my own spirituality and recognition that God has done things in me over the past 10 years which make me more comfortable in a middle of the road church with a weekly Eucharist and a variety of musical worship. Just as well really I doubt that many rural churches are like the church I was at this morning :)

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