Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Not sure what happened to yesterday-I seem to spend all day tidying up and filing and then went to a lent bible study so didn't get to post.
Today I've been to visit my placement supervisor for the last time. I've really enjoyed my placement although its been very much an observation one. I have led intercessions and helped with one All Age service but the priority for this placement was to observe and reflect. So here I am reflecting.
What did I learn from this placement.
1. A welcoming church is lovely but can cause problems at the peace if the reason the church is welcoming is that it likes to chat
2. Church buildings - especially ancient ones can really undermine how worship is led and how creative you can be with services. Not that it isn't possible but it does need a lot of thought.
3. Coming into a church as leader where others already exercise some form of ministry can be a blessing but can also lead to tension and problems. If those who are lay readers etc are recognised by the church bu are struggling in some areas it can be very difficult to actually do anything as a new comer.
4. Worship is not something you merely do- it has to be from the heart. Merely changing the musicians from organ and choir to a modern music group will not achieve this.
I'm sure I've learnt a lot more but these were the points which I discussed with my supervisor today.

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