Friday, 18 March 2011

end of term

Didn't get round to blogging yesterday as I spent the evening at our end of term Bright hour. This is a fun time when students let their hair down and entertain the rest of us with comic topical sketches songs etc. As always it was great fun and I ache today from laughing so much yesterday!!
Today is the last day of term and I'm ready for the break. I have two essays to finish over the holidays but am also looking forward to a couple of weekends away visiting family and friends.
I have just been to an all age service and as so frequently happens came out thinking how I would have done it differently. I had begun to feel guilty about this tendency to critique every service I go to but then reading a book for my ministry essay today I realised that its a normal part of this life. I also realised that I'm not being critical so much as seeking to learn and to consider how I can develop my own skills.
Well time for last dinner of term and then a quiet evening.

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