Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Tonight I have been out with a group of friends from college. We are all of a certain age and a mix of those doing one year before staring as NSM curates and the rest doing the MA over two years. it was one of the groups birthday and so we went for a meal and a drink together. It was a wonderful evening of chatting through situations and ministry issues at a much greater depth than we would in college and at the same time laughing and having fun. This is the truly positive side of the community life here. I shall miss the three who will leave in June and start their curacies.
Earlier those of us doing the Ma had a research methods seminar where we discussed the possible dissertation subjects we will study. It was awazing to hear the differant subjects- I wanted to do them all!! however I'm happy with the topic I've chosen. Strangely I came with a definite view of what I would do and that has changed over time but my tutor was quite excited at my choice so I hope it will prove to be a positve experience.

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