Thursday, 24 February 2011

The strangeness of silence

Drop thy still dews of quietness
Til all our strivings cease
Speak through the earthquake wind and fire
Oh still small voice of peace.

Quiet day in college yesterday. Some observations- we walk more slowly to church when not chatting with friends.
We eat our meals much more quickly when not distracted by chatting to friends ( but those reading and eating ate more slowly!)
Quiet days in college are not the same as a silent retreat. Its very hard to not talk to your spouse in your flat when they are not part of the college experience and are feeling pretty depressed anyway. Whereas last time I remained in silence from 7am to 7pm even when in the flat but yesterday I only maintained it in college and then went out for a walk and time of reflection in the afternoon.
Apart from wuiet day the last weekend was half term and we spent saturday out with daughter, son in law and children at a motor museum. Lovely day together. then on Sunday my son came to stay and we had a lovely couple of days catching up. I had been worried about his situation with his father but he seems happy and enjoying his 6th form. He has plans for uni and is doing well with his AS's so I have to keep praying for his dad to provide a stable homelife for him.


  1. It's interesting to read your experiences of silence - the idea attracts me and scares me at the same time. Did you see a documentary on TV late last year called 'The Great Silence' or something like that? It was very powerful. I need to have a go at this silence thing. Though with Elizabeth and Katy and things as they are I can't quite see how for a few years! Thanks Janet.

  2. Hi Helen
    Yes silence is difficult with children!
    I didn;t see the Great silence unfotunately though quite a few people commented on it.
    I have found doing a silent retreat with no one I know the most helpful- did one at a franciscan convent a couple of years ago and really benefitted from it.
    Used to love going to Calver having a quiet few minutes in the church and then walking along the river for an hour in silence- though I usually ended up singing ''How Great thou Art as I wandered along!!! Really miss that here when I want to spend time on my own with God.
    Glad to keep up with you