Monday, 30 April 2012

Community Living

For most of my time at college I have loved community living- and enjoyed the company of so many different people. My husband has not found it so easy. So when soemthing happened that he could offer his skills to help I was pleased that without hesitation he told me to let the person concerned know he would help. Unfortunately someone else took it upon themselves to send an email which was not particularly diplomatic or pleasent and as a result my husband withdrew his offer of help. I've played mediator this morning but have been left feeling very unsettled and glad that soon we will have moved. My feeling of disquiet is not helped by the knowledge that tonights service is a creative Eucharist and we are being asked to take part in a role play. I would prefer a straight forward time with God and for the first time since coming to college am actually contemplating not attending a service. However, now I've written it out and with some time of prayer this afternoon perhaps I'll feel ready to worship in a creative way. On another front, the boxes are ordered so we will soon be getting on with packing.

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