Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Significant countdown begins

A number of my friends from college are seriously beginning to countdown to the Leavers service and moving out. Someone suggested 40 days but another who has a countdown clock going on his Blog suggested it was just under 38 days- depending on what time you plan to actually move out. So it seems its 37 hours until the service and in my case 41 days to moving!! That feels rather like a lenten excercise - with 40 days to prepare. On a more serious note I did go to the Eucharist yesterday afternoon and was very glad I had done so. I was able to come to terms with what had happened in the morning, to ask forgiveness for my own emotional response to the situation, and to feel God's forgiveness. Today is a new day and I'm making a real effort to write up my dissertation. Blogging being a short break after hours of trying to tabulate information on 11 churches! Now its lunchtime and then I'm back to the grindstone. ps Seem to have lost the ability to spellcheck with the new blogger look and so please excuse typing errors.

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