Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hail the day that sees him rise

Today began with a 7.30am Eucharist for the Ascension. We normally begin the day with Morning Prayer in the chapel, but on feast days and festivals such as today ( if they aren't a Wednesday!) we begin with a Sung Eucharist in church. I love walking down to church in the sunshine with the birds singing and today was just such a day. My menories of Ascension day before last year go back to my childhood when we had a day off school to celebrate. Our Sunday School always organised a day out by coach after the morning service in church. One year when I was 9 I was asked to do the reading in church. So, in a large Victorian church I stood in the Ambo and read - I'm convinced the reading was John 1- but can't think why it would have been that and not Luke or Acts! To practice for it my mum had me stand at the top of the stairs and read in a loud voice while she stood outside on the street- we did this until she could hear me, no microphones in those days! Now I am preparing to spend most Sundays leading services and preaching from the pulpit. I wonder if the desire to serve God in this way began that Ascension day as I stood looking down on the gathered people and read the word of God? The Ascension marks the point at which Christ's work on earth is fully finished- accomplished. This week should see my dissertation finished! I must get back to it now. Only 3 weeks until I leave college- where has the time gone?

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