Friday, 11 May 2012

Four Weeks Today

Four weeks today we will have had our leavers service! I can't beieive it's so close. My dissertation has been approved by my supervisor and though she has recommended aa few changes its up to me whether I do them. I shall make the changes and then print it and hand it in. I've arranged with the phone company to have this flats phone cut and the new one 'switched' on. Its all getting very exciting. Tomorrow is the village church summer fete which is the main fundraiser and which all college students are helping with. Because I was one of the sacristans for the last year it has fallen to myself and fellow sacristan to organise the college side of things. This has been made more difficult with the Themed Study week this last week. However by tomorrow evening it wioll all be over and my offical duties finished. At least I'll have an idea what is involved in the future! The TSW or me was Financial leadership- it was more interesting than it sounds. I now feel I have some background for the accounts in a church. Well non of this is very reflective but that can follow


  1. Four weeks today I will have just finished my BAP...

    Thank-you so much fr the blog: please, please try and keep it up if you have the time/energy.

    I wish you all the best as you prepare to move on form Cuddesdon.


  2. Thanks rRichard, I will try and keep refelcting on here. All the best and prayers for your BAP- enjoy!