Tuesday, 22 May 2012

And handed in!

Today I've printed off the dissertation and had it bound by the college library. Its been handed in to my tutor and that's it! Books have been returned to the library and my own books brought back from the spot in the Journal Room where I've worked for the last 2 terms. Now I can make headway in packing the rest of my books. I've also taken part in my last services. I led Morning Prayer yesterday- and it was lovely to have so many people come and tell me how much they enjoyed it. Its great to be affirmed as I prepare to leave. But then this morning I served at the Eucharist and rather muddled the introduction to the Gospel. However a tutor rescued me by saying the response anyway.This evening I read at Evening prayer and that's it. I shall not lead a service again until in parish. It's a weird feeling and yet so exciting to look forward to beginning the task that I've been wanting for so long. It will be 8 years in October since I first approached my Vicar and said I felt God was calling me to ordained ministry. The journey from then on was quite a winding one and at times very fraught. Nut now I've made it. Now the real work starts. Reading other blogs and books I know that the future will be exciting, and at times daunting. But as wer apporach Pentecost my prayer is HSpirit of the Living God fall afresh on me". because only with the power of the holy Spirit can I be the priest God wants me to be.

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