Monday, 28 May 2012

Two weeks today!

Two weeks today- we will have moved out of this flat and be staying the night at my sisters before moving into the new house on the Tuesday! its all happeiong very fast now. This last week and for the next two weeks we have the Leavers course- with such delights as clergy tax, child protection and other useful things. Along side the course its time for sorting and packing. Last time we moved I had 6 weeks from finishing work until we moved. I spent the last two weeks with very little to do. This time we have far less to tackle as 2/3 of our things are in store, and so except for books there is very little we can pack until the last moment. As a result we have enjoyed a couple of days out, revisiting places we have enjoyed here in Oxfordshire. I'm also busy sorting out insurence and other practical details. Spiritually its a strange time. I have now particular church to belong to now placemetn has finished so I can 'shop' around a little though I mainly worship in a near by large evangelical church. It's a friendly church but large enough that I can be anonymous. There's a strange sense round college of being ever so gently pushed out, no longer needed and the community already reforming behind us. It can feel sad, annoying and difficult at times, and at other times, I feel free and isolated from what has been our life for so long. I'm sure it's the normal experience, rather like a mother bird pushing the fledgling out of the nest. It's time for us to try our wings, be set free and fly. we leave behind security, friends and support, but will learn to be upheld by the wind of the spirit. Life is so exciting, nerve racking and strange but in the centre is God and his love and strength.

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