Monday, 4 June 2012

Last week countdown!

A week today the removal vans will be here. In fact by this tme we should be back on the road to Derbyshire. We had a lovely 24 hours up in Derbyshire over the weekend. We spent friday evening with my sister and her husband which was great fun and very relaxing and then we spent Saturday in our new home. It was great to see the house empty and to be able to start to really imagine whjere things will go. As is often the case some rooms seemed smaller than I remembered, others larger. Its going to be tight sorting out a spare bedroom but we worked out how we can do it. We also measured up for washing machine, dish washer and a cooker, and then went to a local shop to order them. I was so pleaszed to be able to use the local shop and still get a good deal on prices. They are going to deliver on the friday after we move, and will also fit the goods. It is so exciting to being able to plan for and make a home. It's not felt like home for over 4 years. Now back in college we are finishing the packing. We also spent the afternoon down in Wheatley as a garden fete.Wednesday college resumes and we shall have a session on cannon law, then on Thursday its our Leavers Quiet day at a convent. Finally on Friday we shall have the Leavers service where we will be prayed for and our stoles blessed. After that college will be over and we shall say good bye to many friends and leave for our new lives. Its getting so close and I'm still not sure that I feel prepared. At the same time I'm excited and looking forward to starting my new life. I was asked last week if I would still blog- something I'm still making up my mind about.


  1. I hope you will blog when you get a chance. It's fascinating to hear your story unfold and especially so as you start this new chapter.
    Thankyou for all that you've shared with us for all this time. I've really enjoyed your honesty and openness.
    Lots of love

  2. Yes please, if you get a chance it would be fascinating to read your story as you continue into curacy.

    Thank-you for writing this wonderful blog - it has been inspirational, informative, insightful and fun!

    God bless for the future,