Saturday, 9 June 2012

Name change

Decided to change the name of this blog- hoping it works for people still trying to find it! Today has been a pleasant day away from the packing. K had a meeting and so having dropped him off I spent a pleasant few hours wandering round Wallingford and sitting by the Thames watching te boats drift by. My last chance to visit but I'm very excited to be returning to Derbyshire. This is likely to be my last post until after the move. Tomorrow I shall have to concentrate on finishing the packing and cleaning the flat. Monday the removals company will arrive to load up and Tuesday we shall start unloading in our new home. After nearly 2 years we shall have back all our possesions. Its been interesting managing witht he minimum of things but I'll enjoy having all my books around me, all my kitchen stuff so that baking will no longer be a challenge, and all my sewing bits and pieces ( sewing machine) Three weeks tomorrow I shall be ordained. My new life as a curate will begin. in my reading and also during lectures at college there has been much discussion as to whether ordained ministry is about what you do or what you are- doiung or being. At the moment I can't imagine how different I will feel after the Bishop has laid hands on me andf prayed for the Holy Spirit to ordain me for the task ahead. I'm trusting that God has got it right!! But just now it feels very daunting and very strange. however everyone here seems to think that God knows what He is doing and yesterday a number of people said to me that they saw me as a priest. Oh well see you on the other side of the move!

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  1. Exciting times. Praying for you Janet and waiting for you to appear back online up here in Derbyshire!