Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's nearly here

Just a quick last post before I disappear to pre-ordination retreat to reappear as a curate. I've started to get post addressed to the Reverand J T which is a great shock and feels very strange. Today I've packed my clothes for the retreat, including my cassock stole and surplice and my clerical shirt and dog collar! Of course at college I got used to wearing a cassock and surplice- one of the advantages of Cuddesdon where we all had regular opportunities to dress up. But this will be the first time I will have worn my shirt and collar except for trying them on! Its going to be very strange on Sunday. In the meantime their is great joy at knowing how many people are coming to the Cathedral and later to my welcome service. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and thanking them for all their support on this long journey. Bye for now- I shall be back in my new guise!

1 comment:

  1. Wearing your dog collar in public for the firs time is a massive moment. As is being ordained and making your vows before God. My prayers go with you on your retreat!