Saturday, 16 June 2012

Home at last!

A week on from my last post and we are getting settled into our new home. Being in a town I lived in 30 years ago- and somewhere I have returned to for lunches and walks over the years I feel very much at home. I find myself praising God as I walk down the hill to the town centre, for His goodness in allowing me to return here. The move went incredibly smoothly, the only slight negative was the hour sat on the M42 as we travelled north, due to heavy rain and a coming togteher of two cars. However once we were up into Derbyshire we still had time to drop the cat off at the new house and collect fish and chips before arriving at my sisters. We stayed the night and then drove over to the new house and started cleaning the kitchen while we awaited the removal lorry. It duly turned up at 10.30 and we were busy until 5pm unloading all our things. It was fun being re-aquainted with so much which had been in storage. Wednesday wtarted with a visit from the Team Rector and Vicar which was lovely. I shall so enjoy working with them in this benefice. I've agreed to go to an extended staff meeting next Wednesday to start to get to know the rest of the team. The rest of the morning was spent unpacking- by the end of the day I had all ourt kitchen and living room boxes from both Cuddesdon and storage unpacked and rehomed. K had his office unpacked and put away and then spent the evening packing for his sailing adventure. Unfortuantely in the afternoon when we came to walk into the town to collect some bread and milk we discovered the suspension down on one side of the car. Consternation as we tried to get it sorted and also work out how K would get to Derby to catch the train the following morning. Fortuinately being back in Derbyshire means ready access to Landrover repair places and we carefully drove down to the one at the end of the raod. Only to find when we got there the suspension had returned to normal. We left it with them for investigation and K found the bus times for Derby. Thursday I waved goodbye to K for 17 days and spent the morning with more unpacking. Then after a wander into town for milk, paint brushes, a trip to the library, a hair appt made, and registered at the Dr's I called at the garage to find they had been unable to find anything wrong with the car and I could drive it home. Reunited with the car I drove over to Chesterfield to a large DIY store for paint and a lawn mower, and then called in on my son and his girlfriend. It is such a delight to be so near to them again, epecially as they will make me a grandmother in 6 weeks. Friday had been booked for the suite to be cleaned and the new white goods delivered. Also a joiner called round to sort out the curtain rail in our bedroom which had fallen down on Tuesday- we have been hanging a curtain from nails since. While everyone got on with the job in hand I made a start on the study. All my books are now unpacked, and I am left with deciding what extra forms of storage are needed. I can feel a trip to IKEA coming on! After the workmen had left I had a panic. The cat had been shut uinto the en suite while they were there and let out when they left. Just before the plumber arrived to fit the gas stove I went looking for her to lock her up again, only to not be able to find her. The plumber and his assistant did their work to a soundtrack of me calling Fudge every few minutes round the house and out in the gardem. After they left I heard her crying and found her behind the dish washer. She got behind it again this morning which amazed me as the gap is only about 3 inches. However I've stuffed a box down the gap for the moment to avoid having to drag it out a third time. Today has been a lazy day bit I've managed a walk into the town for more milk and to use my new vacuum cleaner on the carpet. After I've blogged its back to painting the bathroom. I'm really enjoying making this house into a home, knowing we shall be here for about 4 years. The bungalow we rented in Devon and the flat at college were great for the time we were there but somehow never quite felt like home. Now I can put my mark on this house. I'm also looking forward to welcoming so many friends and family who live close by as well as visitors from farther afield. Today the tickets arrived for my friends and family for the ordination service. Two weeks today will be our final day of retreat. I can't believe how fast the time is passing now and feel so inadequate for the job ahead. But I kow that God who has called me is faithful and that I don't need to do it on my own but as the ordination service says - by the help of God I will.

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