Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Last evening Prayer

Tonight we had out last evening prayer. Tomorrow evening is a Eucharist for Corpus Christi and on friday we have our Leavers service and then go! Or at least disappear from college life. The service this evening could have felt very heavy. However the mood was lightened by a friends one year old who was sat behind us and who cheerfully babbled away during the service. it is a great joy to me that as his family is also moving to Derby Diocese I shall continue to see this little boy grow up at leat until he is school age. Tomorrow is a quiet day away from college for those of us who are leaving. Last year I wasn't sure how to selnd the time but at least we had lovely weather. This year rain is due, but I shall take means to meditate with me and be ready to sepnd time praying and reflecting on what the future holds. I shall also spend some time praying with a friend with whom I shall form a cell group- we'd like a third to join us but nothing sorted at the moment. Today I had a lovely blessing from a friend. I've never met the lady in question but her husband is a friend of my husbands. They have become my friends through facebook as they now live in France. They are not able to be at the ordinations service but N sent me a lovely MOW pin. Although I've never been involved I do appreciate those women who worked hard so that I can now follow God's calling. I shall wear the pin to honour those who peacefully worked and prayed for that privelage.


  1. Sorry- should have said MOW stands for "Movement for Ordination of Women"